Q Collection Brand Film 2021

Brand Film for SQ Group

Case Study

A true brand film in its every essence, we showcased SQ’s natural evolution to Q Collection, a world renowned global brand embodying the peak of cutting edge technology. The film showcases Q’s brand vision, work culture, sustainability and its infrastructure in aesthetic & cinematic highlights

A Flybot Studios Production

Client: SQ Group

Direction: Khan Samiuzzaman

Supervision: Aga Nahiyan Ahmed

DOP: Daniel Dany

Edit: Moyed Bhuiyan

Head of Marketing: Jawad Chowdhury

Executive Producer: Nabeed Rafi

Creative Director: Khan Samiuzzaman

Scripting: Anika Tasnim Biva

Line Producer: Humayun Bappy

Secondary Cinematographer: Shahadat Shetu

Assistant Director: Imtiyaz Amit

Aerial Cinematography: Rn Rifan

Production Manager: Arifur Rahman