Prio Rasu

Fiction Film for Anwar Group of Industries

Case Study

One of our quintessential projects, Prio Rashu is a short, film that was done under the banner of Anwar Group Anwar Group decided on releasing a short film to commemorate Independence Day We took a cinematic approach with it regarding the editing, story and camera angles. Previously, we had done another AV with Anwar Group | entitled "তােমরা বাবার এমন কনে” which received a great deal of praise and the film had won the CSR award.

Client: Anwar Group of Industries

Project: Prio Rashu (Short film)

Director & DOP: Sumon Sarker

Project Supervision: Nahiyan Ahmed

Editing, VFX and Color: Moyed

Music Background Scores: Ruslan Rehman

Cast: Manoj Pramanik, Purnima Bristi, Afroza Hossain, Surjodip Shena, Driti Humayra Mou, Rony Alam Limon

Chief Assistant Director: Humayun Bappy

Line Producer: Asif Khan Ranan

Gaffer: Md Mofekul

Sound: Nahid Masud

Cast & Costume: Afsaree Ahmed Aotoshi

1st Assistant Director: Shahadat Shetu , Nabeed Rafi

2nd Assistant Director: Imtiaz Amit

Makeup: Kayum Mehedi

Art Director: Jakir Hosen Babu

SFX: Pappu, Moyed

Focus Puller: Shajib

Art Boys: Fahim, Rabbi, Sabbir

Production Manager: Hasan

Production Boys: Masum, Rahim, Shyamol

Light Boys: Moni, Mahbub, Rup Kumar

Camera Crew: Parvez, Saikat

Cook: Khalu

Pilots: Ajad Bhai, Shaju, Kamal, Amir, Sujon

Poster: Zayad

Bts: Syed Tawfique

Intern: Nusrat Hossain Anànna

Boom: Shihab Sharar Summon

VO: Abul Kalam Azad

Singer: Rubayat Rehman

Production: Flybot Studios