Apex AV

Industrial Films for Apex

Case Study

One of our most dynamic works, made with a great integration of various types of media such as videography, animation, 3D and more.

The AV aims to showcase the infrastructure, operational structure and human resource of Apex, working seamlessly together to produce its products. The video also showcases the art of craftsmanship that goes into their R&D and design process. In combination the video showcases the vision, ability and focus of the Apex brand.

We made the video in a cinematic aesthetic. We used different types of creative transitions in the video.

3D text was dynamically integrated into the video itself through tracking in its various scenes. We also incorporated 3D modeling and animations in this video to showcase the product of Apex.

Wide angled shots and aerial shots were used to highlight the factory and close shots of the products, the workers, and work environment. The machines they use were also highlighted. There were fast cuts, jump shots in the video which made it more dynamic.

Client: Apex

Agency: Red Rocket Inc.

Director: Nahiyan Ahmed

Editor: Moyed

DOP: Sumon Sarket

Cinematographer: Shahadat Shetu

Line Producer: Asif Khan Ranan