ACI Fosholi Thematic Film

Brand Film for ACI

Case Study:

A thematic video showcasing visual metaphors and poetic symbolism to showcase the life behind farming. The process of producing food and the labor that goes into it is interspersed with beautiful visuals of the rural landscape. The trifecta of farmland, farmer and Mother Nature is shown here through artful cinematography, editing and audio work.


Client: ACI

Product: Fosholi

General Manager: Shamim Murad

Sr Manager, Content and Business Development: Faiyead Ahmedul Hye

Sr Executive, Marketing and Communications: Mahrab Masud Deep

Director & DOP: Sumon Sarker

Supervision: Nahiyan Ahmed

Editor and VFX artist: Moyed

Creative Director: Khan Samiuzzaman

Script writer: Tabeen Siddiki

Executive Producer: Nabeed Rafi

Line Producer: Humayun Bappy

Art Director: Jakir Hosen

Casting Director & Costume: Afsaree Ahmed Aotoshi

2nd Unit Cinematography: Shahadat Shetu

Assistant Director 1: Amit

Assistant Director 2: Sarib Hasan

Assistant Editor: Syed Tawfique

Make up: Pranto Nadim

Light Gaffer: Md Mofekul

Drone: Rn Rifan

Camera Unit: Komol Nayan, Imran Hossain Mithun, Tajul Islam, Shakil

Focus puller : Sudhir Das

Camera house: Sandbag Ltd.

Colorist: Ashraful Alom

Music Composer: Rasheed Sharif Shoaib

Sfx: Shakirujjaman Pappu


Father: AK Azad Shetu

Mother: Baishakhi Ghosh

Daughter: Amira Noor Muskan

VO artist: Azad Abul Kalam